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Sailing Coach since 2000

Working  club : Head Coach Nautical Club Larnaca CYPRUS

Previous  club : Head Coach BSC Malta

Birth club: Thessaloniki - Kalamaria

Sailing club:  Porto Rafti - Athens

Nationality: Greek

Birthday: 1969 June 12

Language: Greek - English

Education: High school

Height: 1,76cm

weight: 70 kgms

Athlete  experience : 15 years

Polis ID

Birthplace:Thessaloniki - Greece

Residence: Thessaloniki

North Greece

 Coach ID: Μember of Greek Sailing Coaches Association


Greek Coaches list: Hellenic Sailing Federation

Coach/safety boat  licence No:



first aid
The following sailing seminars attented

Resque Training International - CPR Diploma

Coach & athlets communication

Racing Officer & Regatta Organization

Training development

Event managment

 Jury committee member

Sports Psychology

The targets on Sailing sport

Mental health/first aid

European Hobie cat16 - 2001

Sailabilities Marathon  2001-2

Optimist GRE Nationals 2002

49er Worlds 2004

Optimist GRE Nationals 2001

Tornado preNationals - 2002

Tornado preNationals - 2001

4.70 europeans 2007

In the following Events,Polis participate as race committee

                        Coaching Career

           Starts on March 2000


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                                       2001     1st & 3rd  overall Tornado Nationals


                                       2001     8th European Youth Hobie cat 16 LEYKADA


                                       2002     2nd European overall Youth Hobie Cat 16 NETHERLAND


                                       2002     1st 2nd & 3rd overall  Hobie cat 16 Nationals


                                       2003     2nd & 3rd overall Tornado Nationals


                                       2004     2nd overall  woman 4.70 Cyprus Nationals


                                       2004     1st 4.70 (CYP) woman Gramalidia International regatta GREECE


                                       2005     2nd 4th & 6th Optimist (North Greece)PreNationals


                                       2005     1st overall Optimist U11 Lake Garda meeting ITALY


                                       2006     1st optimist Cadetti Lake Garda meeting ITALY


                                       2008     3rd 4th & 5th Laser 4.7 (South Greece)PreNationals


                                       2008     5th Laser 4.7 girl  National Ranking list


                                       2008     6th Laser 4.7 boy National Ranking list


                                       2008     2nd Laser 4.7 (South Greece)PreNationals


                                       2009     1st 2nd 3rd & 4th Laser 4.7 boys (South Greece)PreNationals


                                       2009     7th place Laser 4.7 boys National Ranking list


                                       2009     4th & 9th overall  Laser 4.7 boys Nationals


                                       2009     5th place Laser 4.7 - Ranking National team


                                       2009     3rd overall 49er Nationals


                                       2010     2nd - 5th & 8th place Laser 4.7 Prenational Rankings


                                       2010     3rd place Laser RDL  - Ranking National team


                                       2010     3rd overall  Laser 4.7 Worlds (boys/girls) U16 THAILAND                   


                                       2010     1st overall Laser 4.7 Worlds U15 THAILAND


                                       2010     6th overall Laser 4.7 Worlds U18 THAILAND


                                       2012     2nd Optimist ,Team Racing Malaysia Championship


                                       2012     5th & 7th Optimist boy overall MALAYSIA  National Championship


                                       2013     3rd & 8th Optimist  boy overall ,Langkawi International Regatta MALAYSIA


                                       2013     2nd & 7th Optimist girl ,Langkawi International Regatta MALAYSIA


                                       2013     13th place overall , THAILAND  Optimist National Championship


                                       2013     2nd Laser 4.7 boy (5th overall)  Thessaloniki International Regatta 2013      



                                       2013     2nd Optimist overall  Thessaloniki International Regatta 2013  GREECE


                                       2013     3rd Optimist overall  BLUE GREECE CUP  International regatta  GREECE


                                       2014     13th Optimist  girl overall  National Championship U11


                                       2014     17th Optimist boy overall National Championship U11


                                       2014     8th Optimist boy U11 2nd Bodrum International regatta TURKIE


                                       2014     5th & 6th Optimist overall (North Greece)PreNationals CORFU


                                       2014    1st Optimist girl U11 (North Greece)PreNationals CORFU


                                       2014    1st Laser RDL Men (3rd overall)  National Championship VOLOS


                                       2014     5th Laser RDL youth National Championship VOLOS (GRE 193180)


                                       2014     5th Optimist overall  NOA Golden  International Regatta ALEXANDROUPOLIS


                                       2014     4th Optimist U11  NOA Golden  International Regatta ALEXANDROUPOLIS


                                       2014     1st Laser RDL men (3rd overall) NOA Golden  International Regatta            



                                       2014     4th Optimist boy overall at 4th International Sailing regatta OFTH



                                       2014     2nd Optimist girl U11 at 4th International Sailing regatta OFTH



                                       2014     2nd Optimist boy U11 at 4th International Sailing regatta OFTH



                                            2014     August – Training camp/seminar for Malaysia optimist National team 



                                            2015     February –  Training camp/seminar for Irish optimist team  IRELAND

                                       2016     3rd & 8th boy Overall  Laser 4.7 Prenationals  Ioannina GREECE


                                       2016     1st  boy Optimist PreNationals (North Greece) Ioannina GREECE

                                       2016     Training camp/seminar for Irish optimist team  IRELAND

                                       2016     15t overall Optimist  International regatta United4 Medemblik



                                       2016     1st  2nd  & 3rd Overall Laser 4,7 -  International REGATTA RODOSTO CUP   TURKIE

                                       2016     2nd Overall Optimist -   International REGATTA RODOSTO CUP   TURKIE


                                       2016     1st & 5th boy overall Optimist International Regatta of Kuweit for Egypt

                                                     National team


                                       2017      1st  2nd  & 3rd  Optimist boy Overall - Egypt National Championship

                                       2017      1st  2nd  & 3rd  Optimist girl Overall - Egypt National Championship


                                       2017     Training camp/seminar for Irish optimist team Baltimore IRELAND

                                       2017     1st 2nd & 3rd girl - African Championship 2017 for National Optimist

                                                     Team of Egypt


                                       2017      3rd boy Overall - African Championship 2017 for National Optimist

                                                        Team of Egypt

                                         2017      5th place National Championship of Malta

                                         2018      Training camp/seminar for Irish optimist team Baltimore IRELAND

                                         2018      2nd place Optimist Junior on Ranking List for National team for Malta

                                         2018      4th place Optimist overall on Ranking list for National team of Malta

                                         2018      5th boy overall Optimist NOA Regatta international GREECE

                                         2019      Training camp/seminar for  Optimist team MALTA

                                          2019     Training camp/seminar for Irish optimist team Baltimore IRELAND





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Biography in Greek
Το βιογραφικό στα Ελληνικά
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Interesting info


* Polis is a kind person open to friendship.


* He loves italian kitchen and he can manage to cook any italian or greek food.Favored food is pasta.


* Polis favorite color is green.


* Polis favored sport is Sailing & favored team is Greek National team on football & basketball.


* He loves shopping the most about electronics & any kind of new gadget.


* Polis loves training and most of the times there is no time limit on this.


* Polis feel much better when  people around him are true and polite.


* Polis likes traveling at any place on earth.He can drive Car or Van with any trailer to any destination.


* Polis is also a dingy sailmaker who can manage to create /build and repair sails.Boat repairs is also a part of his work..


* Polis is a person working on program - can work on Office Excel/word & powerpoint. He can organize and create training programs.

  He likes  video/photography recreation as part of his   



* Polis likes  to discover & learn new things about sailing sport.